Instructions for Removing Head Lice

For best effectiveness in removing head lice the non-toxic way, use a safe, pure soap like KD Gold™ and carefully follow the directions below. Every step is important.

Before you begin, make sure you are working in an area that is not carpeted, preferably a bathroom. Make sure there are no rugs on the floor, towels or clothes lying around (they make great hiding places for the lice and nits whose homes are being disturbed).

Next, tie everybody’s hair up on top of the head either with clips or in a ponytail. The lice will try to run and hide when they sense danger, so cut off their escape routes. Dip a cotton swab into the botanical soap liquid and clean out the ears then paint a ring around the outside of the ears and the hair line around the head with the liquid soap.

On a dry head, start at the nape of the neck along the hairline and work around the head, saturating the hair as you go moving towards the crown where the hair is tied up. Remove the clips or pony tail and continue to apply the soap using enough to completely saturate the hair.

Massage the head and work into lather then comb through hair to ensure coverage (use a metal, regular toothed comb). Wrap or tie the hair back up on top of the head. Every ten minutes or so, massage the hair until 30 to 40 minutes have passed.

Reapply the soap and work into lather, then comb through hair again (with a metal regular toothed comb). Rinse thoroughly.

Dry hair and comb (with nit comb) to remove any remaining lice or nits. The “nit picking” should be done in daylight, outside if possible, and never on carpet. Clean all surfaces and floors after working on hair. Do not use anti-bacterial or disinfectant. Use hot water and a non-toxic liquid botanical soap, such as KD Gold.™

Please note: it is imperative that the head be closely examined for nits.

DO NOT USE Botanic Insecticidal Soap.

If you need to use a rinse or conditioner, it is important to find one that is unscented.

Be sure to follow the Sanitation Instructions below.

Sanitation Instructions: Lice are highly contagious and it is extremely important that they are eliminated as fast and completely as possible.

When lice are first detected, it is wise to launder everything with which the infected person has come in contact.

IMPORTANT (See details in the chronic lice program.)

We recommend that you use a non-toxic laundry solution like KD Gold™ (aka Clear Choice and Total Solution by Planet Solutions) and not your regular laundry detergent for this process.


Do not use anti-bacterial or scented laundry detergent.  

Do not use dryer sheets. 

Do not dry clean or use chlorine bleach.

Bed clothes (including pillows), jackets (and any jackets that may be hanging close to the infested person’s jacket), clothing (everything in the laundry basket), hair combs, brushes, ribbons and doodads, rugs and mats should be laundered in hot water at least 140 degrees. It is best to soak laundry in “pre-wash” for at least 30 minutes.

Items that are not washable, such as stuffed animals and sofa pillows, may be placed in a plastic bag and sealed for 30 days, causing the lice to suffocate. Carpets, furniture and car seats should be vacuumed twice. After each vacuuming, the vacuums bags should immediately be removed from the vacuum cleaner, sealed in a plastic bag and disposed of outside of the house. After vacuuming, those same areas should be steam-cleaned, if possible. Do not spray with any pesticide sprays. This will only compromise the immune systems of those living in the house.

Air fresheners contain the same pesticide that is in the over-the-counter head lice products and so should also not be used.

Read this important information about the effects of chemical lice treatments on the immune and nervous systems.

For more information call 1-888-759-7256.

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